Interface VectorLayerAdapter<M, L, O, F, PROP, P>

Adapter for vector data display control.

Type Parameters

  • M = any

  • L = any

  • O extends VectorAdapterOptions = VectorAdapterOptions

  • F extends Feature = Feature

  • PROP extends Record<string, any> | null = F extends Feature
        ? F["properties"]
        : Record<string, string>

  • P extends Record<string, any> = PROP extends null
        ? Record<string, any>
        : PROP



id?: string
layer?: L
map?: M
name?: string
options: O
order?: number
selected?: boolean

True if there are selected features in the layer

source?: unknown

Experimental option, only for MVT. Points to a data source instead of loading data into a layer.


  • Remove layer data.


    • Optional cb: ((feature) => boolean)

      Delete only those objects that match the filter.

        • (feature): boolean
        • Parameters

          • feature: F

          Returns boolean

    Returns void | Promise<void>

  • Ability to filter a layer with a callback function. It is necessary for the adapter to provide access to the layer objects before output to the map. It is not possible to apply such a filter to vector tiles and data on the remote server. So, where possible, use the VectorLayerAdapter.propertiesFilter.


    Returns LayerDefinition<Feature<Geometry, GeoJsonProperties>, L>[]


    layer.filter((e) => === 2011);
    // but in this case it’s better to do so:
    layer.propertiesFilter([['id', 'eq', 2011]])
  • The way to filter layer objects through serializable expressions. To clear the filter, pass null or undefined as the second parameter.


    • filters: PropertiesFilter<P>

      Filter, conforming to the PropertiesFilter expression specification's.

    • Optional options: FilterOptions<P>

      Options object.

    Returns Promise<void>


    layer.propertiesFilter(['all', ['color', 'eq', 'green'], ['year', 'gt', 2011]]);
    ['color', 'eq', 'green'],
    ['color', 'eq', 'red']
    ['year', 'gt', 2011]
  • Method for selecting objects on the map. The selectedPaint option will be applied to the selected objects.


    Returns void


    It is strongly recommended to use an PtropertiesFilter expression to set selected objects, since the selecting by the callback function is not supported by vector tiles and other asynchronous adapters.

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