Interface CreatePopupContentProps<F, L>

Type Parameters

  • F extends Feature = Feature

  • L = any



close: (() => void)

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Close the pop-up programmatically

      Returns void

feature: F

A vector layer object in geojson format.

getBounds: (() => LngLatBoundsArray)

Type declaration

getCenter: (() => LngLatArray)

Type declaration

layer?: L

Native layer for a specific adapter layers of a specific map adapter.

onClose: ((cb) => void)

Type declaration

    • (cb): void
    • The callback function that is called when the popup is closed


      Returns void


      createPopupContent: (e) => {
      const onZoomEnd = () => e.close();
      ngwMap.emitter.on('zoomend', onZoomEnd)
      e.onClose(() => {'zoomend', onZoomEnd)
      return createContentFunc(e);
target: LayerAdapter<any, any, AdapterOptions<Record<string, any>, Record<string, any>>>

The adapter in which the layer is created.

The source of the event call. User click, hover, or programmatic api call

visible?: boolean

Is layer on the map

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