Interface MapSelectNgwLayerDistinctOptions<P>

Type Parameters



cache?: boolean
clientFilterValidate?: boolean
connector: default
extensions?: null | false | string[] | (keyof FeatureItemExtensions)[]
fields: (keyof P)[]
geom?: boolean
geomFormat?: GeomFormat
intersects?: string | LngLatBoundsArray | LngLatArray[]

WKT polygon geometry

limit?: number

Limit (paginated) - max number of entities should be taken.

offset?: number

Offset (paginated) where from entities should be taken.

orderBy?: (string | keyof P)[]

set fields for order


TODO: use typescript 4.1 template string type for map -${field}


{ "orderBy": ["field1", "-field2"] }
paramList?: [string, any][]
resourceId: string | number
signal?: AbortSignal
srs?: number
strategy?: "BBOX" | "BBOX+"

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