Interface ItemOptions


  • ItemOptionsToExtend
    • ItemOptions


crossOrigin?: "anonymous"

Parameter added when forming a request for layer data. This is needed if you want to access tile pixel data. Refer to CORS Settings for valid String values.

drawOrderEnabled?: boolean
headers?: Record<string, any>
maxZoom?: number

Maximum zoom level of the map.

minZoom?: number

Minimum zoom level of the map.

order?: number

Indicates the map layers display sequence. A layer with a larger order value overlaps smaller ones. Zero value used to indicate baselayer. If the value is not specified explicitly, it will be assigned automatically with an increase of one for each new layer.

popupOptions?: PopupOptions<Feature<Geometry, GeoJsonProperties>, any>
ratio?: number
setViewDelay?: number

Experimental option to set the map loading delay when changing position

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